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hese are the five games that the Atlanta Falcons should be able to check off as wins during this 2017 NFL season, analyzing the schedule.

Football is in the air https://www.falconsatl...williams-jersey-c-14.html, and the light representing the start of the season is at the end of the tunnel. After seven grueling months of no football and then a month of the great tease that is the preseason , fans everywhere can’t wait to get things started again.
Atlanta fans are more eager than most to have football back, after the heartbreak suffered in the last game of last season.

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The schedule is out there for all to see. The https://www.falconsatl...ny-dable-jersey-c-15.html Falcons enter the season with the 13th toughest schedule in the league and toughest in the division . Last season the birds had the hardest schedule in the NFL heading into the year, but still finished atop the division at 11 5.

Each schedule however has games which are underlined by fans as gimmes Robert Alford Jersey, against opponents their team should beat. Here are five of those games for the Atlanta Falcons.

The birds have aspirations of repeating as NFC South champions https://www.falconsatl...vin-hall-jersey-c-16.html, to do so they’ll need to win the games they should win, meaning that they’ll need to go 5 0 or close to it against the teams on this list.

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